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About BDF

Big Damn Funny is the only online humor magazine that is big damn funny. Guaranteed. No Shit.

We've been attempting to make the planet laugh since 1998.

History of BDF

1998 - 2000

Well, friends, it started out as a dream. A dream conjured up by a guy (J.D.) who was hoping to do the impossible: spin a silly little website into comedy gold and a good excuse to avoid getting a real job.

Being lazy, (hence the dream), this dreamer recruited a friend to help. Unfortunately, they were both pretty lazy. As such, the dream died back 2000.

About a year after the site stopped being updated (refer to the aforementioned laziness).

Of course, the site was only updated about seventeen times...in the first three months the site was up. You can see some of the sadness here. But seriously...the early articles are pretty fucking sad. Probably best not to look at them at all.

Then BDF sat dormant until 2000 when we finally put up a notice about the status of the website. It looked like this. And stayed that way for a really long time.

Yeah...we were too lazy to even take it down.

2000 - 2007

Since then, one of the guys (Ryan Smith) went on to help create a great band called Front Row For The Meltdown. The site took a mild hiatus and then...2005 happened. That was the year that immediately followed 2004. You might remember it.

In 2005, J.D. was writing this shit again.

With some new writers to help (Victoria, Jason H. and Bob R.), that incarnation of the site lasted until 2007. January 2007.

But a year and a half was a hell of an improvement on the first iteration.

2008 - 2008

Then we gave it another go. Third time's a charm right? Right? Anyone?


Well, BDF 3.0 (as we liked to call it) had J.D. (as always) and the triumphant return of Ryan from the first version as well as Victoria from the second version.

Nobody really had their hearts in it (and it turned out that at least half of them were still pretty lazy)...and it petered off pretty quickly.

A month. It lasted a whole month. Sad, eh?

2009 -

Why are we back after a long hiatus?

Because people keep ripping us off.

Remember our Life Lists? Thanks to the internet archive, you can see the archived version from 2006.

We liked that one. So did someone else. A guy named "Neugin". You can see how he ripped us off here.

Remember the old beer article?

Neugin ripped that one off, too.

Again, thanks to the internet archive, you can see the our original archived version here.

Remember 15 Forgotten Country Songs? Neugin sure did. On that same page he also ripped off some old Little Known Facts as well as some 15 Signs You Aren't Famous.

He even tried submitting our articles to other websites. And tried to get paid for our work.

Cute, eh?

But that guy isn't the only one.

Speaking of those Little Known Facts, another liar chose to use those and pass them off as his own. A guy named "DOOMER" decided to claim "here are a couple of my own".

Which is odd for DOOMER to do...considering it wasn't the first time he poached an article, but previously he didn't claim credit.

Here you can see someone named "MOS95B" stealing our My Experiment With Invisibility article....and passing it off as his own. Actually, he stole a fair amount of articles and posted them as his own.

Unfortunately, we aren't the only ones. Even big brand names like Cracked have to deal with content theft. Of course, they had an interesting way of dealing with it.

We got tired of shit like this, so we brought the site back.

So we will probably get back into the swing of writing new stuff. But for now, here is the evidence that often the shit that makes you laugh wasn't written by the guy who claims he wrote it.

This incarnation has some from the second incarnation and only one from the first (as always, J.D.). We may add some new guys, we may not. We hope so. We are pretty lazy (have we mentioned that yet?) and having help would greatly assist with our whole "I-don't-want-to-do-shit" philosophy.

Currently, we do have one new guy. Of course, he lives inside J.D.'s head.

We call him "Herve". He digs it.

If you find anymore comedy poachers, send 'em our way.

And remember, we are just a group of poor people trying to bring you the funny. Feel free to tip us if we have achieved this minor goal and brought you some semblance of comedy.


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