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Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Draw A Stickwoman

If you have studied my earlier article entitled "How to Draw A Stickman" then you should now be fairly proficient in doodling stickmen.

But in sticks and in life, no man is an island. Therefore, your newly created stickman is probably in want of a mate.

It is now time to take your artistic training to the next level: stickwomen.

The following is a brief tutorial on mastering the art of the stickwoman.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:
A pen or pencil
Paper, napkin, etc.
No discernible artistic ability

Draw a rough circle. This will be our stickwoman's head.

As mentioned in the earlier article, your circle need not be perfect, nor does it need to be close to perfectly round. In fact, it seems to be cooler if it isn't. Nobody likes an anally retentive artist.

Now we move on to the torso.

Draw a vertical line below the circle head.

Arms? Yeah...we need those.

Not so much weapons. Moreso the actual human appendages. This is an article about art instruction, not a debate about the Second Amendment.

Throw some arms on that torso.

Now we move on to the first stage that really differentiates drawing a stickWOMAN from a simple stickMAN.

The skirt.

Draw a triangle at the bottom of the torso.

Currently, our stickwoman (let's call her Susan, shall we?) looks kinda like a ghost just floating around up there.

Let's ground her. Give her some legs.

Magnificent artistic ability isn't warranted here. We don't need to spend hours crafting a perfect set of pipes for our lovely sticklass. Just draw two lines.

Now we move onto the second stage that differentiates drawing a stickWOMAN from a stickMAN.

The hair.

Now granted, some dudes (both stick and real) have long hair, but we are drawing a woman here so let's not get into strange arguments about fashion and lifestyle choices.

Throw some hair on Susan.

Now Susan needs a face. How else will she be able to discuss the relative merits of DeBarge over, say, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with our previous stickperson, Harvey.

Susan kind of has an "O-face" but try not to read anything into that. I just messed up when I was drawing her mouth. Feel free to give her a more sultry smile if it suits you.

Now we arrive at the third and most important stage that really differentiates drawing a stickWOMAN from a simple stickMAN.


Give Susan a set.

For all intents and purposes, your stickwoman is now complete.

That being said, how about we give her some hands? She needs to be able to clap when listening to the sweet R&B sounds of DeBarge with her new boyfriend Harvey.

Susan aspires to dance. Not ballet or even breakdancing. No, Susan wants to dance to the rhythm of the night with her paramour Harvey.

In order to forget about the worries on her mind and to better leave them all behind, Susan is gonna need some feet.

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