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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 Awesome Horror Movie Titles We Just Made Up

1. The Mangled Midget Returns!

2. Teatime of the Dead

3. The House That Dripped Blood and Entrails and Various Other Effluvium Like That Gooey Stuff In Your Eyes When You Oversleep

4. Afternoon of the Titmouse

5. I Saw When You Shit Your Pants That One Time

6. Glitter II

7. The Trees That Eat People But Only Really Slow People On Account Of Them Being Fucking Trees

8. Buttmasters From Beyond

9. What The Fuck? Part VII

10. Bloody Mary, Gooey Harry

11. 14 Inches of Vengeance (a horror porno)

12. Night of the Polychrotidae

13. Fuckmaster Tim Meets The Demon of Poughkeepsie

14. The Udderly Terrifying Tale of the Zombie Cows

15. Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman Meets That Creepy Preacher Guy From Poltergeist II

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