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Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Haikus About Narcolepsy

We are all familiar with the literary form Haiku. Seventeen syllables divided into three lines: 5,7,5. The following are 5 haikus about food product mascots.

I like to eat toast
I caught it on fire today
Oops. I was asleep

Was it good for me?
I really can't remember
Who are you again?

I fought Chuck Norris
But it was then I awoke
Narcolepsy sucks

Earlier today
I tried to make a sandwich
And that's when I....(snore)

Road trips really suck
I'm always stuck with the map
No one lets me drive

The job interview
was going just great, but then
I fell asleep again

I tried to go down
on my lady-friend today
But I fell asleep

This one time in school
I was asking a hot girl
to prom....then....asleep

On a boring date
I say "it's not you, it's me"
Narcolepsy rocks

I wanted to be
an air traffic controller
You see why I can't

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