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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Sweet Dose Of Short Shitty Fiction

As the door slammed shut and the lights went out, Bruce felt a cool shill envelop him. He tried to feel around but the area was too small to adequately move. Elbows crashing into dark foreign objects, Bruce fumbled for the door. It was sealed.

As panic began to set in, Bruce thought about screaming.

"No," he thought to himself, "useless. There is nobody who will help me."

Bruce realized that he needed to think clearly and calmly. This was not the time to go off half-cocked and start screaming like a banshee with it’s tits in a ringer. As best he could in the confined space, he felt around the door. No luck. It was tight. Tighter than your date’s legs on prom night.

Bruce slowly and carefully felt around for something he could use as a tool to pry the door open. There were very few objects in there with him. A cardboard carton of some kind, and a few squishy spherical objects. Bruce squeezed one too hard and a slimy juice exploded all over his hand and splashed his face.

"Fuck!" he cried out.

Leaning as far back as possible, Bruce tried to bring his legs forward in an attempt to kick the door down. No go. It was just too damn tight in there. Tighter than a nun’s junkbox.

Bruce was quickly growing quite cold. Had he been wearing more than simply his boxer shorts, he would still be cold, as it was, he was fucking freezing. And it felt like it was continuing to get colder.

Rubbing his hands together and breathing on them didn't seem to be making a noticeable difference. In fact, the friction was starting to be uncomfortable. Bruce stopped and attempting to look at his palms. It was still too dark to see anything.

He gingerly felt his palms with his fingertips. They were rough and slightly torn. As Bruce exhaled, he felt his cold breath reflect back at him.

"This is an exceptionally small place," he mumbled to himself. Attempting to get comfortable, Bruce accidentally rammed his elbow into something.


Bruce rubbed his elbow and cursed again under his breath. Soon enough, he felt himself growing lethargic.

"Maybe I should just rest," he thought to himself. "A little rest to regain my energy."

As the cold enveloped him, Bruce felt himself drifting to sleep.

As he slowly slipped into the arms of Morpheus, Bruce made an oath to himself.

"If I ever get out of here, this is the last time I try to jerk off in the refrigerator. This shit is embarrassing."

Bruce kept his word. He never did try again.

Then again, he never got out. Bruce died.

And that shit was embarrassing.

The End.

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Mike said...

That was a medium sized damn funny.

Try again.

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