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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Superhero Limericks

Ever since the written word was first created, man has sought to illustrate love, sadness, and sometimes humor through the art of poetry.

The following are some incredibly silly limericks about superheroes.

There once was a man from Krypton
Whose suit was cotton and nylon
It chafed once in a while
But then he would smile
And show everyone his alien hard-on

A detective from Gotham city
would fight crime without semblance of pity
Some he would nail
With others...he'd fail
As a hero, he was actually quite shitty

There was a hero from under the ocean
He could talk to fish while they were in motion
His powers were lame
He never got fame
And spent his evenings with porno and lotion

A mutant codenamed Jubilee
created sparks quite wonderfully
Her powers were weak
Her clothing...not chic
She didn't give a shit, that was the key.

When the spider bit, Parker did swoon
Then his uncle was killed by a goon
His powers grew strong
He knew right from wrong
Then scored some hot redheaded poon!

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Big Damn Funny said...

We don't know who Jannis or Uwbrother are, nor are we really sure what you are talking about in general. But the fact that your opinion of BDF went from excellent to nice...but then back up to "love" is pretty titillating.

Feel free to stop by again.

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