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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

15 Worst Self-Help Book Titles

1. Can't We All Just Get Outside? - Dealing with agoraphobia

2. Learning To Leave At Last Call - a functional alcoholic's handbook

3. Hey Fatty! - Learning to love yourself for who you are on the inside

4. Make 'Em Pay - A vengeance manual

5. It's Probably Big Enough - a penis manual

6. Nobody Likes Me...And That's Probably O.K.

7. Stop Nailing Fuglies! - a guide to a better you

8. Hey! That Doesn't Go There! - a sex guide

9. How To Get Laid - a 12 part instructional

10. Fuck That Noise! - dealing with deafness

11. Masturbation For Complete Morons

12. I Fucking Win! - a guide to attending your high school reunion

13. Prettier Woman - how to turn away and move on from your whorish past

14. Fuck You - a guide to self-defense

15. (I'm Blind)

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