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Monday, August 17, 2009

15 Words That Sound Dirtier Than They Really Are

1. Analogize - While this may look like a term for buttsex (e.g. I analogized her last night) it is actually to explain by analogy.

2. Ballcock - If you don't know that this is in the tank of a toilet and not so much in your pants...you might be an idiot.

3. Clambake - I guess if a naked woman sat outside in the sun long enough she might risk getting a clambake, but this refers to a method of cooking seafood.

4. Cock-a-leekie - To some this might sound like you need to see a doctor about your urinary incontinence, it is actually a Scottish soup.

5. Cuneiform - One of the earliest known written languages. Less so a style of cunnilingus.

6. Dongle - Not a name for your penis. This is a portable device for your computer.

7. Gesticulate - To gesture while speaking. Not quite the variation of masturbation it may appear to be at first blush.

8. Horticulturist - This is to do with the science of plant cultivation, not so much the study of whores.

9. Mastication - Another word that sounds like jerkin' it. It is actually chewing.

10. Mensuration - Not that time of the month that makes men flee. This is the act of measuring.

11. Orogeny - While it kinda sounds like the offspring from an orgy (orgy+progeny) it is actually mountain building.

12. Pontoon - Kinda similar to poontang in spelling but not at all in meaning. This is a boat.

13. Pusillanimous - This means lacking courage. So I guess it kinda does mean what it sounds like. If you are Pusillanimous you are probably a pussy.

14. Titanous - It could be funny as a description of a large breasted woman (e.g. She is positively titanous) it means relating to titanium. Not quite as sexy.

15. Uvula - Not to be confused with the vulva. This one is in your mouth.

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