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Monday, August 31, 2009

15 Terms We Just Made Up For A Vagina

1. Junkbox

2. Negative Dickspace

3. Pinkie McLipsnhole

4. The FUNnel

5. The Eye of Sauron (that's for the nerds out there...who probably already thought of it)

If it is ever actually this inflamed, get her to a doctor immediately

6. The Tuna Tunnel

7. The pillowy love glove in which I place my penis

8. The Fuck Flower

9. The Down South Mouth

10. The Squish Pouch

11. The Jello Bowl

12. That one seriously sweet place where occasionally I get to put my dick and thrust until awesome happens

13. PVC pipe of love...and much later, babies

14. The Pink Batcave

15. The Dick Depot

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