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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Laziness!

While we do have a few hundred articles here that date back a ways, we haven't completely converted our old archive to this newer website.

But you can still look at some of that old stuff.

Thanks to the internet archive wayback machine, anyone can peruse bygone websites. Especially old school BDF

Here are a couple of old nuggets to get you through your lazy Wednesday.

What's In My Pants?

Choose Your Own Adventure: OZ

See? The internet archive wayback is like cheap time travel. Who needs a Delorean?

Speaking of time travel, I heard that Mikey kid from the LIFE cereal commercials ate some pop-rocks and drank Coke while touching a Teddy Ruxpin doll in an adult fashion and he ended up traveling through time. Now he is stuck in a parallel dimension like that one episode of Star Trek with that evil Spock with the goatee.

True story.


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