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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Resignation Letter

Many people find it difficult to find the correct means to quit their jobs. To help those poor souls in their endeavor to free themselves of the bonds of employment, BDF has put together this do-it-yourself I-Quit-My-Job letter.

If you plan on quitting your job and need some help, simply fill in the blanks, print it off, and send it away to your intended recipient.

Of you can download a PDF version if you are seriously intent on doing something this stupid.

Note: If you use this and consequently get fired and blacklisted from whatever industry you work in, BDF is not responsible. Don't blame us for the shitstorm you bring down by using a fill-in-the-blanks letter you found on the internet.


Dear ,

After much introspection and personal council, I have some to the conclusion that I can no longer perform my duties at this institution. Partly is is because but mostly it is due to .

Working for you has been the of my life. I will never forget the time you .

But alas, all this must come to an end.

As I leave the hallowed halls of this place, you might be interested to know that I in your . In my defense, you are a real .

I will try to remember the good times and I have many fond memories of working here.

Although, there isn't enough beer in the world to make me forget .

Now I must take my leave and look towards the future. Maybe one day we will run into each other again. Hopefully you won't be such a by that time.


P.S. Please don't forget to

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