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Friday, May 19, 2006

More Man In The Street Interviews

Another installment of our Man In The Street Interviews with the intrepid Stu.

As we are sure you are all aware, BDF is a fairly "cause oriented" organization. As such, we wanted to know what the average Martha and Jethro felt were important issues today.

Once more, we sent our man of the people Stu into the larger world around us to ask a few questions. This is what he found.

Bobby Lee, Stu's next door neighbor, said:

"I'm gonna go with the ongoing battle between Formula One and NASCAR."

Bobby Lee feels that this is an important issue because until the two are joined in glorious harmony, there will always be prejudice and dissention among the American people.

Antoine, a guy Stu bumped into whilst visiting his bookie, said:

"Basically, the issue foremost in my mind is the educational system. By neglecting to properly teach the economic concept of supply and demand, young people will never understand that by legalizing marijuana, many hardworking people like myself would lose their jobs when the position of "corner guy" is outsourced to some guy from India."

Stu was speechless. At both the answer and what may well be the longest run-on sentence in history.

CoCo, best known for operating her personal business at the corner of 5th and Maple, said:

"I guess I'm gonna have to go with the rising gas prices."

She further went on to bemoan her plight by illustrating how unlikely it was that any of her customers would ride a bike to pick her up. And if they did, how difficult it would be to blow a guy on a bike.

Also, she isn't sure how travel expenses to a client's home might be written off on her taxes. CoCo is always going on about her taxes.

Stu, himself, felt that the most important issue of the day is finding a way to force bars to charge happy hour prices throughout the day and night.

As you can see, BDF takes great pains to bring the opinions of the masses to light and we promise to continue to serve as a beacon of completely made-up interviews.

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