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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Lost Novel of Ernest Hemingway

Many great novelists have work published posthumously. Often times, it isn't the best work which is why it never saw the light of day during the writer's lifetime.

Other times, we are given a glimpse of what could have been. Just a teasing sample of the work we will never truly see.

Some of Ernest Hemingway's journals have been discovered recently. Scholars have found a tantalizing look at an adventure novel he was preparing.

It is believed that this was something he struggled with from his teenage years onward.

Unfortunately, at this time only a small fragment of chapter 14 exists.

Obviously, this small scrap of a larger whole raises many questions:

What happened between man and beast deep in that jungle?

What level of eroticism did this all lead to?

And frankly, what the hell kind of story was Hemingway trying to write here?

These are all questions that are impossible to answer at this juncture. We can only hope that scholars will discover more about this lost tale of adventure and intrigue.

As always in cases like this, there are those who claim that this is not the work of Hemingway at all. That it is obviously just a brief passage scribbled on two small pieces of notebook paper by someone who isn't Hemingway. Probably while drunk.

To the naysayers, we will simply state the following: Fuck off. You are ruining our article.

We prefer to believe that this is a scrap of a greater Hemingway masterpiece lost to the ages. Additionally, we hope that Jimmy got the upper hand with that horny monkey.

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