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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Keeping It Real

We here at Big Damn Funny like to, on occasion, give some credit where credit is due. So, we would like to take this time to recognize some people who really kept it real.

Hammurabi: That dude kept it real. He knew it wasn't really fair to hold people accountable for laws that they we unaware of. So, he wrote them. In stone. Stone is Real. You steal something--they cut off your hands. It was written. In stone. Couldn't read? That was your problem.

Charlie Manson: He keeps it real. Real fucking crazy, but real.

Albert Einstein: You've seen the pictures. The hair. He kept it real-- no pansy-ass "product" for the man who gave us his "Theory of Relativity"

Howard Hughes: Sure, towards the end he wasn't all there, but he kept it real. He loved icecream; didn't shave, trim his nails, or bathe. Mother Fucker shit is jars. That is fucking real.

Lemmy: Motorhead. Enough said.

Lady Godiva: Not given nearly enough credit for being real. When Lord Godiva wouldn't lift his oppression from his people, she lifted the oppression of... her clothes. Riding butt-ass necked on a horse, with all that uncomfortable friction on her naughty parts (talk about chafing),for a cause--That is REAL.

This Guy: Is he fooling anyone with that combover? Hell no. Does he think he is? I seriously doubt it. Yet he continues. That, my friends, is keeping it real.

Over the years, these folks and other people like them have inspired others to keep it real.

We give you a Big Damn Thumbs Up!

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