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Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Damn FAQ

What the hell is this nonsense?

We aren't sure.

How often is the site be updated?

Our website will be updated five times a week with only the funniest and most cutting edge humor (and some left over shit that's not as funny, but frankly, we gotta fill space).

OK. See. We are lying already (except about the unfunny filler stuff). In truth, the website will be updated as often as possible. But you can't force comedy.

Well, you can. But then you end up with Two And A Half Men.

Didn't this site exist years ago?

Indeed. Thrice.

It has been resurrected. Like a zombie. A comedy zombie. Try saying that quickly three times.

You can learn more about our Big Damn History here.

Are you going to be updating with all new funny?

Yes. Sort of.

We will write new stuff when we have the time and the spirit moves us. As we all have grown older, we can't always get together and knock things out like we used to but we will do what we can.

When we are feeling lazy, we will probably post something from the vast archives. Sure...it's kinda half-assed, but it's probably still new to you. Stop whining.

Where can I go to stay up to date about Big Damn Funny?

You can just come back every day. Or I guess you could subscribe to our feed.

What the hell is the deal with that weird head up at the top of the screen?

That lovely fella is our mascott, Mal-Formed Johnny. Mal-Formed Johnny (or MFJ) is a product of free art software. That's the only excuse we have. We are poor. Period.

If we had some kind of corporate sponsorship (hint hint) we could spring for a nice mascot like these guys. Short of corporate sponsorship (which would be nice. hint hint) we would be forced to charge you, the reader, money so we could afford nice art software.

Instead, we chose to wear our poverty as a badge of honor. See, we pass the savings along to you.

Do you accept sponsored ads?

If you are interested in advertising with us, you can always email us and we can probably figure something out.

Do you accept submissions?

You could always just email us something and find out.

We will warn you: we have been ripped off a lot so don't bother sending us some crap you poached from someone else. Any submission we received we are going to scour the internet in an attempt to be sure it isn't stolen. If it is stolen, not only are we not gonna publish it here...we will contact the person you did steal it from.

Can I link to your site?

We certainly won't stop you.

Do you have any cool swag for me to buy and show my Big Damn Pride?

Hell yes we do! Check out the Big Damn Store.

Is this really the only website that is Big Damn Funny?
Guaranteed. No shit.

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