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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 Poems about Beer

Ever since the written word was first created, man has sought to illustrate deep emotion through the art of poetry.

The following are some poems about beer.

Beer, oh Beer you are my friend
The Yoda to my Luke
When life is crap you help me mend
Until you make me puke.

Oh, I love you beer
Let me count the ways
What was I talking about?

I like Beer,
And Beer likes me.
The only loss
Is when I have to pee.

Beer is neat,
I can't deny,
It makes a toad
A handsome guy.

How I love
My good friend Beer
It gives me joy
When it is near.

Please don't leave,
I'd miss you so.
You'd leave me blue
If you should go

Beer is neat
So is sex
But beer doesn't ask
"When are you going to call?"
I think I love you, beer

Beer is great, beer is wise
It's like a fucking sage
Beer is better than women
'Cause it's never underage

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