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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

15 Holiday Gift Ideas For 2008

When economic times are tough, perhaps the hardest time is around the holidays. While you want to truly give the people you care about the most kick ass gift you can...face it. You're a broke ass person. So as a public service announcement, we here at BDF have put together some ideas that say "I give a shit about you...I'm just fucking broke!".

1. Toilet paper Yup. Good ole T.P. It says "I love you" but also "I want your asshole clean".

2. Socks Not that decorator argyle shit. Just old fashioned tube socks. Hobo toe is a cross-cultural dilemma that you can help solve.

3. Condoms

4. Anything from The Big Damn Store It shows class and sophistication. And may make the Big Damn Staff's holiday a little fucking merrier.

5. Vodka When is vodka not a good idea?

6. Batteries You know someone is going to give your loved ones a more expensive gift that you, and that dumbass is going to forget to give the batteries that make the thing work. You are now a hero. You're welcome.

7. Mechanical pencils Do you know anyone who still has a pencil sharpener? Nuff said.

8. Gas stations compilation CD Hidden gold, my friend. Hidden gold.

9. Iodine Good to have when you and yours party a little too hard.

10. Aspirin See above.

11. Crisco Hours of fun in a can.

12. A box of matches Perfect for the artist or arsonist in your crew.

13. Plastic cups and golf ball sized wiffle balls Also known as Beer Pong: The Home Edition.

14. Duct tape The gift that really keeps on giving.

15. SPAM Everyone loves SPAM. They just don't know it yet. It's meat on pause, baby!

Happy shopping from BDF!

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