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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Tommy's Cartoons

So my neighbors have this really cute kid named Toby. He is eight years old (and loves telling you that every few seconds). Apparently, he has developed an interest in art.

Every now and again he will knock on my door and present me with a few pictures that he has drawn. They were pretty rough at first, but they are getting better.

Recently, he has become interested in comic strips and comic books. Now many of his pictures are in a series telling a story. Usually about his family, friends, or school.

None of that matters right now.

The point of this article is that my little pal Toby has an older brother. I met him earlier today.

He seems to be a fine strapping lad of fifteen. Like his little brother, Tommy (that's his name, I'm not making any of this shit up as I go) has a passion for art.

Unlike Toby's odd comic strips, Tommy wants to be a newspaper cartoonist. He showed me some single panel cartoons he has been working on.

I looked them over and was a wee bit unsure where exactly he thought he could publish these. Of course, that's when the question was asked.

"Could you please post these on your website so people can check 'em out and let me know what they think?"

My first thought was: How the hell does this kid know about Big Damn Funny? Is there no parental supervision anymore?

My second thought was: Sure. Fuck it. I'll post them.

Here they are.

I admire his drive and creativity...but I'm not sure that last one should really be printed in a newspaper.

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