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Monday, September 11, 2006

Big Damn Poetry: The Dirty Ones

For your cultural edification, we offer these tasteless pieces of poesy.

Tits: My Love For Thee

I really must tell you,
I truly love tits.
They are possibly my favorite
Of all the naughty bits.

I can't remove my eyes
From any sweet boob.
They often make me feel
Like playing with my tube.

I cannot get enough
Of those lovely fun bags.
Even when they're gracing
The chests of old hags.

Ode To My Ass

Ass, you are so bittersweet
You cushion me when I sit.
And yet you sometimes burn
When I take a shit.

You bring that sweet release
When my inards chime
But you also smell like hell
A good deal of the time.

I wish, dear ass
that you would tell me
when the fart is wet.
And the reason people look at you
I truly do not get.

So let us just agree to get along
No enemas, I promise you
No thongs and no spanking
And also...no buttfucking.

Humping: A Reflection

I must admit,
I do adore
Humping women
On the floor.

I also dig it
On a bed
Or sometimes just
Receiving head.

But most of all
I like to ball
In every room
And in the hall.

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