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Monday, April 3, 2006

Ode To My Girl Scout Cookies

Little girl in green
Please come over here
You have something with you
Something I hold dear

Chocolate and mint
Or even shortbread
Every Feb. through April
Those brats screw with your head

First they're on order
Finally they arrive
Oh, those sweet cookies
Make you glad you're alive

Then you run out
And you're craving more
So quickly you drive
To the grocery store

You hope that they are there
With the table outside
When you and some shopper
Accidentally collide

And when you recover
From your little crash
To the green bannered table
You make a hasty dash

You smile oh so sweetly
And ask the girl with green socks
she says, "No, Ma'am, I'm so sorry"
Someone else got the last box

You look across the lot
To see your foe with the cart
And run after her yelling
"Bitch! I want those cookies!"

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