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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Magazines That Weren't Successful

In the publishing world, many new magazines hit the stand only to quickly fade away without leaving their mark. For every success story, there are many notable failures. The following are a few examples of poorly thought out magazine ideas.

Hey, Fat Bastard!

In America, ever since the late 70's people have been becoming more educated about health and better living. Hey, Fat Bastard! was created as a diet magazine for the morbidly obese. The magazine was never able to find a successful balance of attempting to be tongue in cheek while delivering serious advice about losing weight. After three poorly selling issues, the magazine faded into obscurity.

Fuck You! - The Magazine

Created to seize momentum during the "greed is good" late 1980's, this business magazine tried to wrestle sales from the more popular Forbes magazine. It failed. Miserably.

While the magazine itself was rather lackluster, the title alone kept it from being stocked in most bookstores and groceries.


Originally formulated to be a caucasion answer to Vibe magazine, the publisher quickly realized that most white people were happy enough just reading People or Newsweek. Three title changes (Cracker, Ofay, and Whitey) failed to ignite sales and it was quickly pulled from the market.

Knocked Up!

Designed to reach out to the ever growing population of single teenage mothers, this magazine was frankly a really bad idea.


While Highlights has always had a very large chunk of the early-childhood-development market, this magazine was designed for the developmentally-challenged-of-any-age market. Clearly, the people behind this periodical were, themselves, more than a little developmentally disabled to use a title like the one emblazoned on the cover.


Hoping to tap into the lucrative market for low cost "generic" alternatives, this magazine was created. Unfortunately, it was so generic that each of the twenty-two pages of the magazine literally said "words. words. words. words." etc. Amazingly, this magazine lasted for two years. It is believed that most of the subscribers were big on irony.

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