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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Poorly Worded Love Poetry

Ever since the written word was first created, man has sought to illustrate deep emotion through the art of poetry.

The following are some amazingly poorly constructed poems about love.

One potato, two potato
Three potato, four.
We should have some sex
'Cause you're a giant whore!

My honey is so lovely,
I really love that tail.
The way we met was odd, though
I was his bitch in jail.

When I look at you
My eyes are all agog.
I think about those lips
Smoking my fat hog.

I really love you, dear
For you, I am a nut
I only have one question
Can we do it in the butt?

If you were an insect
You would not be a gnat
The reason is quite simple
You really are quite fat.
Since you've been away and gone
I quietly watch time pass
Please hurry on home, dear
I miss that giant ass!

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