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Friday, March 3, 2006

15 Thoughts While Receiving A Really Bad Blow Job

1. Dear Lord! It's like she's trying to suck out my soul via my penis!

2. What the hell were the names of all the stooges? Moe. Larry. Curly. Shrimp. Wait...that can't be right....

3. If she rubs this thing any harder, we're gonna discover fire.

4. Wow. I never noticed before. She has a really pronounced overbite.

5. I wonder what my ex is up to these days. She was good at this.

6. Did I put the clothes in the dryer? If not...those things are gonna get moldy. Shit.

7. If she bobs up and down any harder she's gonna need to see a chiropractor. Immediately.

8. I hope she doesn't think my penis really is a Tootsie Pop.

9. Shit! I gotta do my taxes.

10. Lord of the Dance! She's amazingly bad at this.

11. I really don't think I can cum from this. I wonder if I can fake it.

12. This is absolutely the last time I play wingman for Paulie Shore.

13. After all this, the bitch better swallow.

14. If I aim just right, I can probably knock her the fuck out and just leave. Wait...did I tell her my name? Shit!

15. Did I just fart? Screw it.

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