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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Salad Days At The Algonquin

In June 1919, a few friends in New York began meeting at the Algonquin Hotel for lunch. Bonded by their quick minds and their witticisms, the group came to be well known throughout New York and beyond.

Often imortalized in book and film, the rapier-like wit of the members of the Algonquin Round Table is legendary. Unfortunately, the complete content of their various discussions hasn't been known...until now.

BDF has discovered some audio recordings and we have transcribed one of their conversations and share it with you now.

Harold Ross: (filling a pipe) Does anyone happen to have a match?

George S. Kaufman: Indeed. Your face and my ass.

Alexander Woollcott: Zing!

Ross: Yes, well...that's all well and good but I really do need something for my pipe.

Dorothy Parker: That's what your wife says.

Woollcott: Wit-tay!

Ross: Look, get fucked. I need a light.

Kaufman: You know, old boy...I'm not sure which is sweeter...this tea or they way your wife services my cock.

Ross: I will fucking kill you!

Woollcott: Knock knock.

Kaufman: Who's there?

Woollcott: Fuck you, that's who!

Kaufman: Well played!

Ross: Seriously. I just want a light for my fucking pipe.

Parker: Eat shit.

Woollcott: How droll!

Ross: Fuck all of you assholes. I'm leaving.

And with repartee like that, they marched into history, blazing a trail or urbane wit for all who followed.

Well played, gentlemen (and ladies), well played indeed!

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