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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Big Damn Poetry: The Revenge

For your intellectual and artistic edification, we offer a few more choice and tasty morsels of poetics.


I dig booze
and booze digs me
but when I drink
I have to pee.

Bar bathrooms are nasty
I don't like them at all
I do enjoy the poems
written on the wall.

I don't drink and drive
I'm no wuss, I am male
It's just that my wife
won't come and pay bail.

My Job

I really love my job
They treat me like a dog
My boss is a pain
And clearly insane
He also resembles a hog.

This Poem

You might be disappointed,
For this is just a rhyme.
This is all I wrote this week,
I didn't have much time.
If that's a fucking problem,
Then you can cry...boo hoo.
Cause I'm not writing something else,
Ha ha! Sucks to be you.

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