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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

15 Signs You May Be Guilty Of Murder

1. The glove fit...they didn't acquit.

2. You very much admire Lizzie Bordon.

3. You are standing over a corpse and holding a bloody knife...which you previously thrust into the body 16 times.

4. You strongly feel that the bitch had it coming.

5. Your neighbor's dog gives you orders...which you obey.

6. The term Helter Skelter has more meaning for you than it does for others.

7. You're a clown and you fuck children...who later come to reside under your porch.

8. You watch CSI as a study guide.

9. Daddy didn't hug you enough....now they all must pay!

10. You often find yourself drenched in blood.

11. The police are after you.

12. Often times you find it soothing to flay a dude.

13. You have an episode of America's Most Wanted devoted to you.

14. The voices inside your head assure you that your work has earned Satan's respect and will be granted everlasting life in Hell.

15. You killed a man.

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