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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

15 Exceptionally Verbose "Yo Mama" Jokes

1. The woman from whose loins you sprang is so obese that when she lounges around the abode, she quite literally lounges around the abode!

2. The spouse of your father is so unintelligent that when she elects to enjoy the work of the rap artist known as 50 Cent she has been known to raise two quarters to her ear and listen intently.

3. Your female human parent is so underweight that on one occasion she pivoted to the side and all trace of her existence was gone!

4. The daughter of your grandfather is so lacking in both money and material possessions that I once observed her kicking the steel container of soup down the road. Upon questioning her reasons for doing so, the aforementioned female intoned "Moving"!

5. The cranium of your mother is so gargantuan that she is forced to step into her shirts.

6. The upper division of your mother's body which houses the brain is so colossal that is occasionally appears on military grade radar.

7. The domicile of your family's matriarch is so diminutive that upon receiving a previously ordered pizza pie, she is forced to exit the building to ingest it.

8. The woman in whose womb you spent nine months has a proboscis which is so pronounced that it has been known to cause undue strain to her spinal column.

9. You mother is miniature in stature that she has been known to seek employment by posing for trophies.

10. Your female parent is so trivially undersized that she must utilize a ladder to pick up a dime.

11. Your mother is so distasteful in appearance that upon entering an ugly contest, she was waylaid at the door by judges who informed her that professionals were not authorized entry.

12. Your mother is so grotesquely unattractive that your grandmother was forced to become intoxicated just to bring her to the teat.

13. The man whom your father married and spawned you with is so repugnant that in a curious turn of events, she actually turned the famed gorgon Medusa into stone.

14. Your mother is so humble in the bosom that she finds herself envying the relative dimensions of a book.

15. Your mother is so lackadaisical in demeanor that she found herself in the final position whilst competing in a footrace against snails.

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