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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Big Damn Joke

Ordinarily, here at Big Damn Funny we don't tell jokes, per se. We attempt to be humorous (with varying degrees of success) but we don't tell out and out jokes.

We decided to craft one great joke. The plan was to put our heads together and write one instant classic one-of-a-kind joke. No matter how long it took.

We've spent months on this bad boy. We think we finally have a classic.

When we first read it aloud, Jason laughed so hard he actually peed himself (which was fine because he always wears a catheter....it's a personal choice of his and we try not to judge).

Victoria giggled off and on for about three hours. Then she passed out.

Ryan is still a big fucking rock star so he hasn't heard the joke yet.

J.D. had a look of confusion for about two minutes, then suddenly burst into hysterical laughter (he's kind of slow).

Well...here it goes. Strap on your safety harnesses 'cause this mean boy has some kick.

Aw shit. The ink ran.

Wait. The internet doesn't even use ink. Now I'm just confused.

I would type it all out again, but I'm way too lazy. I guess you will never know the joke.

Sucks to be you.

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