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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Big Damn Poetry, Redux

For your intellectual and artistic edification, we offer a few more choice and tasty morsels of poetics.

Ode To My Package

My Junk has many powers
Some I've yet to discover.
It often waters flowers.
My wife can make it hover.

Cheesy Stuff

If I only had some cheesy stuff
my popcorn would have flavor.
I'd like to have some cheese popcorn,
A taste that I could savor.

If I only had some cheesy stuff,
then I could cheese my corn.
I'd eat up all my cheesy stuff
and then I'd watch some porn.


Condom, oh, condom
How you protect my cock.
Condom, oh, condom
For when I'm hard as a rock.

You protect me through sex
and even earthquakes.
Oh, what a difference
A prophylactic makes.

Condom, oh, condom
I put you on my stick.
Condom, oh, condom
The best friend of a dick.

Ramses, Trojan, Magnum.
They all work good as gold.
Ribbed or lubricated,
don't let them get too old.

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