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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Toby's Drawings

As I have mentioned before, my neighbors have this really cute kid named Toby. He is eight years old (and loves telling you that every few seconds). Apparently, he has developed an interest in art.

Every now and again he will knock on my door and present me with a few pictures that he has drawn. They were pretty rough at first, but they are getting better.

Recently, he has become interested in comic strips and comic books. Now many of his pictures are in a series telling a story. Usually about his family, friends, or school.

These newest ones....

I can't help but be a little disturbed about those last couple. I mean, yeah, we do get alot of birds around here....but that is ridiculous.

That only happened like one time, and Toby was only three. There is no way he remembers that.

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