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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

A Really Good Prank

I always thought that the best prank in the world would be to fool someone into thinking that a great deal of time had passed, even though it hadn’t.

The next time a buddy of yours is hospitalized with routine surgery, while he is still sleeping off the effects of the anesthesia, shave some male pattern baldness on his head. Now, powder your hair to make it look gray.

When he awakens, tell him he slipped into a coma for fifteen years.

Tell him the following:

You have married his girlfriend. She needed a shoulder to cry on. Shit happens.

His parents died ten years earlier. They missed him terribly.

M.C. Hammer is now the governor of your state.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now President.

World War Three was a bitch.

Canada annexed us.

(At this point, it might add some flavor to hand him a mirror to see his own balding head.)

George Lucas has made four new Star Wars films. These ones are actually good.

Mars attacked three years earlier. We fought them off. It turned out that water made them melt.

The new National Anthem is Danke Schoen.

Now yell "Surprise!"

Tell him you were just fucking with him. He’ll probably laugh.

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