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Friday, July 8, 2005

15 Thoughts You May Have When Death Is Imminent

1. Oh Shit.

2. Wow...that was stupid.

3. Hey...I think I saw this in a movie once.

4. I wonder if I have time to beat off?

5. Oh man...this does not bode well.

6. From now on, no more rum and coke.

7. Man...I just got a subscription to Vibe.

8. I've wasted my life.

9. Thank God for last night's Cuban ass-loving with Miguel.

10. Shit! I've got library books due tomorrow.

11. Constipation...be gone.

12. I hope Miguel knows that I love him.

13. I spent all day watching a Diff'rent Strokes marathon...now this.

14. All those hours in the gym now seem rather futile.

15. I wish I had made it past second base with a girl.

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